AATC 2016 – Fun Over Study

Join us for more “Fun over Study” at #AATC2016 on Friday, 4/8/2016

Based on what we learned on Thursday, we’ve shifted #funoverstudy scheduled sessions & activities to be held during breaks or over lunch.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated Thursday’s fun activities – join us for more on Friday to encourage fun & learning:

Scheduled Activities & Sessions (all located in the Dogwood room):

A Day In The Life (Improv about technical practices)

  • 10:15 AM – FRIDAY – During the Morning Break (Dogroom Room)
  • Description: Do you think you know the benefits of all the agile technical practices?  Join us for “A Day in The Life” to test your knowledge – working in groups, each group will be given several technical practices and be asked to present a short skit that depicts the challenge that can result when one of their selected practices is not implemented (example: what happens to Test Driven Development when it is not linked to Continuous Integration).  In this Improv-based activity, participants will learn how agile technical practices are intended to support each other and what can go wrong when a specific practice is missing.


PERSONAL GOAL SETTING – Capturing your commitment to improving technical practices

  • 1:00 PM – FRIDAY – During Lunch (Dogwood Room)
  • Description: As we approach the end of #AATC2016, join us for a goal setting workshop to challenge yourself to write action statements for yourself to apply what you have learned at #AATC2016.  In this session, we will challenge you to reflect and prioritize what you have learned, and then working with other #AATC2016 attendees, you will write goal statements for yourself to create a mechanism that will allow you to hold yourself accountable to apply what you have learned at #AATC2016.  Everyone will walk out of this session with a personal goal sheet and initial actions to get started on when you return to work on Monday.


Ongoing Activities (located in the Dogwood room):

Agile Technical Practices Gallery

  • Ongoing in the Dogwood room
  • Description: Have you ever experienced how an agile technical practice such as Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, or Refactoring has helped you – if so, please come and passively share in our technical practices gallery located in the Dogwood room.  We will have several canvases posted on the wall for common agile technical practices and you will be able to share your positive experiences by writing on Post-Its and posting to the appropriate canvas.  Don’t see you favorite technical practice listed, we will have additional paper for you to create a new canvas – any/all agile practices are welcome.  If you are interested in learning how technical practices have helped others, come and see what has been shared in the gallery.  Gallery postings will be archived to social media following AATC2016.


Questions & Answers Wall

  • Ongoing in the Dogwood room
  • Description: Got a question about agile technical practices (or anything), come and post-it on the wall in the Dogwood room (stickies and markers provided), and you’ll get answers and feedback for some of the best and brightest in the agile community.


What is “Fun over Study” at AATC 2016?

If you need to take a break from the scheduled program sessions at AATC 2016, or are looking to apply what you have learned at AATC, consider joining us for “Fun Over Study” in the Dogwood room.  “Fun over Study” is a combination of ongoing and scheduled activities that allow you to apply or share what you have learned at AATC.

AATC attendees are invited to drop by as desired throughout the conference – below we have provided a rundown of “Fun over Study” ongoing and scheduled activities at AATC.

Be sure to follow #aatc2016 on Twitter for Fun over Study schedule and event updates as they occur.  We will attempt to keep this web page updated with the most current schedule of “Fun over Study” events during AATC 2016 – please join us in the Dogwood room to apply what you have learned.