Deal Me In – The Game

What is Deal Me In?

Deal Me In is a collaboration framework by which a group works together to design a simple dashboard to measure a specific scenario.  The act of working together to discuss the scenario and then design the dashboard to measure the scenario promotes creating a shared understanding of what the scenario is, why the scenario matters to the business and what each metric means that is used to assess the scenario.

The framework forces groups to keep dashboards simple by guiding the selection and prioritization of a limited number of metrics (no more than 10) and to balance the selection of metrics to assess both business & technical factors.  Once metrics are selected and prioritized, groups debrief the activity by capturing and writing the reasons for which specific metrics were selected and if there are specific trends or targets to monitor within each metric.

When complete, the resulting conceptual dashboard can be posted and/or captured via a photograph to promote continued understanding of how success is being measured.  It is also typical that the conceptual dashboard can be instrumented in a dashboard tool if connected to the necessary systems and/or APIs to provide data.


Download Links:

  • Facilitation GuideDownload Link
  • Print & Cut Your Own Cards (two links below)
  1. Scenario Cards (16 scenarios to choose from) – Download Link
  2. Metrics Cards (100 metrics to choose from) – Download Link
  • Big List of Metrics – Coming Soon


Public Presentations:

  • Agile2018 – August 2018 – San Diego, CA (Debut)
  • Agile Midwest 2018 Open Space – August 2018 – St. Louis, MO